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Here is my story about how it all started.

In February 2018, my husband Neil and I went to Rwanda on a volunteer assignment. A friend of mine, who had worked with a group of basket weavers of Gashora in 2010 asked me to visit them to see how they were doing. So I arranged to meet Rogers Kimuli, the founder and director of Journey House Actions Rwanda, who works in Gashora and who supports the COVAGA (Cooperative des Vannieres Gashora) in many ways. We spent a very informative morning together and agreed to visit Gashora together some weeks later.


Gashora is located 60km south of the capitol of Kigali, in the eastern  province Bugesera. Well and then it happened. I fell in love! I fell in love with this rural village of Gashora, it’s welcoming people, the incredible artists of the weaver’s Coop and of course the selfless and hardworking Rwandan team of JHA, who volunteer their time to support the children and people of Gashora. At the end of my visit, Rogers asked me to say a few words before leaving, and it was there and then that I promised to help the weavers find a global market for their beautiful art and I promised to fundraise for the renovations needed to turn one of the buildings into the very first JHA preschool.

Since then I have been back for 4 weeks in February 2020 in order to work with the weavers to develop new colours and patterns for their baskets. But ended up also working with the team wherever they needed help. Spending time at the school was the highlight of my mornings. Back in Canada I feel compelled to continue working with JHA and to support the team  in which ever way I can. To help this inspirational group of young Rwandan men and women, who have devoted their lives to bring hope of a brighter future to this vulnerable community and to assist them in reaching their goals.

My wish is that you too will consider becoming a FrOG (Friend of Gashora), and get involved in this endeavour of love and light.

Any contribution you may make will directly impact the children and the people of Gashora as everyone involved with FrOG volunteers their time and talents.

Our Mission is to support JHA in their efforts to empower the vulnerable and underprivileged children of Gashora, Rwanda. JHA works tirelessly to provide these children with the basic nutritional needs to fight stunting and malnutrition. Since becoming a registered Rwandan NGO Journey House Actions Rwanda has added many other projects and programs to give the poorest families tools and resources as well as access to training and work. For more information on JHA visit their website ( which is being worked on )

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