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The Basket Patterns:

THE TRADITION GONE MODERN PATTERN: This line of baskets have been inspired by the many traditional geometric and symbolic patterns. The weavers created meaningful pieces according to their personal likes, thoughts and heritage. Their designs are unique to them and represent their own individual style. The colours they choose help to give a specific design expression. Creating these new patterns provides a wonderful opportunity to break free from the old using their imagination and creativity in new and wonderful ways.


THE HILLS PATTERN: Rwanda is called the " country of a thousand hills ". It is also called the "Switzerland of Africa". 


This traditional pattern represents the many paths through the hills of Rwanda. Starting at the heart of the country. And as one of our friends explained: " taking the message of peace and reconciliation with it as the paths wind through and over the hills and to the most rural villages."

The base of this pattern is generally made of water hyacinth, an invasive aquatic plant. So using this material also works towards solving an environmental issue while telling this lovely story.



THE SUN PATTERN: The sun is also featured in the Rwandan flag which symbolizes peace and happiness, hope of prosperity and economic development. The radiant sun within the flag represents enlightenment.


Often a basket will have a sun rising over the horizon woven into it. This symbolizes the hope and glory of a bright new day.



THE SPIRAL PATTERN: This pattern is one of the most important traditional patterns. It represents the cycle of life, birth, growth, death. The spiral represents our identity with the universe and that spiral progression from the center to ever higher understanding and expansion.


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