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FrOG's Newsletter

December 2022

Dear wonderful FrOGs. Here we are again at the end of an other amazing year. A year in which so much was accomplished thanks to your generous support.

Thank you for opening up your hearts in support of the team’s vision to create an inclusive & self-reliant community. Your efforts are helping transform the lives of so many families and children. We appreciate all your efforts in raising awareness and financial support for this work.  

To all our amazing volunteers we say THANK YOU for your countless hours working the markets, pricing the baskets and carrying boxes after boxes. You made this year so much more fun. A huge thank you also to Dianna, our web person, for making our newsletters look good and creating our posters and advertisements. I would be lost without you. 

Louise, we all pray for you as you are recovering in hospital from multiple issues and we can’t wait to have you come home so that we can truly spoil you. 

Through the sales of our beautiful baskets and your donations we have raised enough funds to support the new piggery project and keep the weaving and sewing program running full tilt. 

We would also like to thank Rogers and his dream team for their vision, compassion, love and tireless efforts to transform their community. To see the young children run up to "Papa Rogers" on the streets and hear the village elders raise their hands in respect and shout "Journey House" , is proof of their respect for JHA. For us it is humbling when people address us as " Mama Rogers", "Papa Rogers" as we walk down the dirt roads. The impact Journey House is making on the Gashora community is felt even beyond the village. 

As Richard Rohr says, and he might as well have spoken about the JHA team : "All the truly great persons I have ever met are characterized by what I would call radical humility & gratitude. They are deeply convinced that they are drawing from another source: they are instruments. Their genius is not their own; it is borrowed….Our life is not our own, yet at some level, enlightened people know that their life has been given to them as a sacred trust. They live in gratitude and confidence, and they try to let the flow continue through them."

May we all be WHO we really are let the flow continue through us and pass on the light to others, as we enter an other holiday season and may we remember those less fortunate. 

Wishing you all a most festive Season and may we all be blessed to continue this work in 2023. 

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts. Please enjoy this video as the children are performing the courage dance for you. 

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