Our Gift Catalogue

The Friends of Gashora Gift Catalogue provides the opportunity to give a gift that will make a lasting difference in the lives of the vulnerable children of the village of Gashora, Rwanda. Your gift provides dignity, hope, education and nutrition. It provides the means for families to work together for the development of their community. This gift of hope will put a smile on the face of an underprivileged child. Your kindness will make a difference now and will set in motion a lifetime of possibilities.



Support a family in need. In Gashora, some families never know where their next meal is coming from. Buying a bag of rice can last a large family 1-2 months! Being able to eat every day is a luxury within this poor village and it is common for families to go without food for days at a time.


Cost per bag: $15.00




A gift of a small farm animal provides vital nutrition to growing girls and boys, and provides an opportunity for extra income. Valuable animal manure is critical to organic farming. Each donation will provide feed, needed training and ongoing support to ensure that your gift will be of enduring benefit and create a sustainable source of income.

Giving small farm animals helps the women of Gashora achieve financial independence and the chance to lift their families out of poverty. Income from the animals allows the families to purchase health insurance and send their children to school. It is amazing how one small gift can change the lives of an entire family and give them hope towards a brighter future.

Purchase includes cost for feed and care.


  • Chicken: $ 20.00

  • Goat: $35.00

  • Cow: $ 950.00
    (provides 20-40 litres of milk a day)




Built from environmentally friendly village-made bricks. Keyhole gardens are an effective way to produce enough food to supplement a daily diet with nutritious greens. Help feed hungry children and families by providing them with a keyhole kitchen garden. Keyhole
gardens work well in countries with hot climates, little access to water, on small plots.


Gardening can empower families to take control over their nutritional needs.This gift includes seeds and gardening tools, training and ongoing support.

Cost per garden: $30.00




Sending a child to school in rural Africa is a life changing experience that will empower children to break the cycle of poverty into which they are born.


A gift of education will give them hope for a better future.This gift covers the school fee, for which underprivileged children receive school materials, a daily meal, uniform, school bag, shoes and clothes. You will receive progress updates and photos if you would like.


  • Early childhood education : $70 per year

  • Primary school: $100 per year

  • Secondary school: $150 per year

  • Extra support of $10, $20 or $30 a month for a balanced diet is greatly appreciated.



Give the gift of peace of mind, in case of illness
or injury, to a family in a country where there is no universal healthcare.

Cost per family: $15 per year


To share our Gift Catalogue with friends/family who may be interested in learning about Friends of Gashora and/or donating please click the dowloadable .pdf