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The Government of Rwanda supports primary and secondary Education and works at sending each child to school. Though sending all children to school has not yet been fully achieved due to a number of factors some of which include: 

Vulnerable families can not afford to buy:

  • School uniforms

  • Pay for school fees and school materials 

  • Pay for transport to and from schools 


JHA therefore strives to support those families that can not access Government Education by

  • Opening Early Child Development centres in selected sectors 

  • Provide at least one nutritious meal a day

  • Teach English through songs and games

  • Provide educational toys and books

  • Offer after school programs


Through the JHA internship program a number of students from different organizations come to live in Gashora and work with the children in our preschools. In this way our children are being looked after by committed caregivers, while the caregivers themselves gain experience and training. This offers them an opportunity to practice what they have previously learnt and helps them develop new skills while working with our partners. 

Musicians without Borders

AIESEC International


Visiting English teachers

Early Childhood Education Center

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