Sponsorship Program

For as little as $70 a year you can be that person that changes a child's future for ever. 

This program was started in 2020 in order to make a lasting impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children in Gashora. Once a baby is too big to be wrapped on the mother’s back, children are often left unattended in the mud huts as the mothers (mostly single) leave early in the morning to work on farms. This is a tragic situation and leads to all kinds of developmental problems. This is why JHA decided to open the first free preschool in Gashora. We all know that an independent and productive life starts with education. And early childhood education is critical especially in the lives of these underprivileged children. 


By sponsoring a child you help create a better future for the most vulnerable children. Sponsorship helps to foster long term, sustainable change by providing access to basic necessities such as food, health care and empowers our children, their families and communities to break the cycle of poverty. Children who don’t have the opportunity to go to school are at higher risk of increased gender-based violence, unplanned pregnancy, trafficking, child marriage and unemployment.


Here are all the options available to you. All rates are for one year.


  • $70 preschool

  • $100 primary school

  • $150 secondary school 

  • $15 health insurance 

  • $120 to help with food and clothing ( $ 10 a month)

  • $240 to help with food and clothing ( $ 20 a month ) 


Four levels of sponsorship. This includes one simple meal on each school day:


A. School only for one year. $70 for preschool, $100 for primary school, $150 for secondary school.
This includes one simple meal, uniform, cost of education 

B. All of the costs in level A, plus health insurance $15, for one year ie . $85, $115, $165

C. All of the costs in level B,  plus monthly support of $10 for food and clothing. Ie. $ 205, $ 235, $ 285
This level gives access to more food through JHA for better nutrition and combatting hunger throughout the year.

D. All of the costs in level B, plus monthly support of $ 20 for food and clothing. Ie. $ 325, $ 355, $ 405
At this level the child receives all the nutritional needs for a more balanced diet throughout the year and support for clothing needs.


If every child in Gashora was sponsored, stunting and malnutrition would be eliminated and ongoing education would provide each child with the start in life that everyone deserves.

How Does Sponsorship Work?

JHA provides for the total care of a sponsored child

  • The child receives 100% of sponsorship contributions

  • Once involved, you will receive a welcome package, providing more details on your child.

  • As a sponsor, you can choose to have written contact with your child through JHA.