Our Current Events:

FUNDRAISER for the children of Gashora  
All materials provided. See below for dates.


Dear Friends, here is the schedule for all the various Floral Design Christmas Classes. Sign up soon as they are filling up fast! For more information on these or private classes, or to register please contact me at: gabriele.gashora@gmail.com. Looking forward to seeing you in class.

Outdoor Planter
Nov 25th, 6-8 pm

Course Fee: $50


Christmas Wreath
Nov 27th, 6-8 pm

Course Fee: $50

(One small and one large ornament)


2 Star Ornaments
Nov 30th, 6-8 pm

Course Fee: $35

(One small and one large ornament)


Large Centerpiece
Dec 2nd, 6-8 pm

Course Fee: $65

(Includes 1 candle, choice of white, gold/silver)


Small Arrangement
Dec 4th, 4-6 pm

Course Fee: $45


Green Xmas Wreath
Dec 3rd, 6-8 pm

Course Fee: $65

(comes with a festive mix of long lasting greens)


Past Events:

Nov 20/21 11 - 4 pm | 2228 Harlow Dive

JULY 17TH, 2021 - 11 am to 4 pm 

Fort Commons Courtyard, 1019 Blanshard Street
(take the alley between BE LOVE and Starbucks)

Our Featured Items to be available:

  • Handwoven Baskets

  • Hand carved Bowls

  • Wall Decor

  • Handmade Wooden Stools

  • Crafts by Local Artists

  • Beautiful Paintings

Special Guests - Crafts by:


Dear Frogs, first of all thank you again for your continued support, love and care. Our joint Market with "The Grandmothers for Africa", and "Raising Sons Herbals" on July 17th at Fort Common was another great fundraiser and we are 2/3 towards reaching our goal towards the new well in Gashora. Thank you for coming out to visit us and for bringing your friends. We also have two new sponsors for a couple of our sweet preschool children. Thank you for making that commitment. Thank you also to all of you who once again sent in generous donations. And last but not least, thank you to "Fort Common Properties" and CSM Insights for donating this beautiful venue. The Friends of Gashora could not continue to support the JHA Team on the ground if it wasn’t for all of you wonderful people.

As I write this, many sectors in Rwanda are once again in lockdown and combined with the water shortages, especially in Gashora, "food insecurity and thus the number of undernourished people is once again on the rise. More children and young people are surviving, but far too few are thriving." ( Rwanda The New Times July 7th)

I want to share a text conversation I had last week with one of our team members. Just to give you a sense of the weight that they carry on their shoulders. This is from a conversation about the new Lockdown measures.

"…..It is true that we need to do more and we need to stay positive .... but you don't see a lot of adrenalin to keep fighting. My final word always comes at a point where I say "Lord now it's your battle not me here". Kigali is on a lockdown now, and so are we.

We don't know what's coming. We don't have any cases so far in Gashora. If we even had one, I am still that one person that will say, Covid is a problem that we can't handle here. And we have more Big problems than Covid.

Statement by one of our leaders I quote "Please make sure you clean your hands thoroughly with soap to keep your hands clean". True we need to do this, but... We don't have that clean water not even soap. We are at a stage of misery really.

Covid is just very unfair for people like us here in Gashora and we don't have many choices but to wait for it to hit the ground or wait on for the Lord to protect us from this evil. We don’t know what’s coming. Just keep on praying for us. We need more prayers now. That lord protects us, and the world we live in.

May be at a later world we will find comfort, but now we have to work so hard to make sure we fix more problems.

But after all the work the Friends of Gashora do we realize that we are not in this alone. You at the end get more grateful when you see this happening and then you are humbled. You raise your hands to the Lord and thank him for being mercyful.

I fall several times.... but you give me reasons to clean my knees and then stand up again. Today I won't promise that I am not going to fall again. But.... I promise I am going to wake up again and again and again and I will clean those dirty knees and stand up again on my feet. For you all have brought a lot of light in me. And as I write today I have so much tears in my eyes. But tears of Joy. Thank you to all who help for standing up for me and for us amidst this world craziness. You have never given up on us."

So you see how important each one of you is to the team of Journey House Actions Rwanda, and thus to the village of Gashora. May these lines prove to you how great the impact is that you are making by being a FROG. Thank you all. 



image0 (3).jpeg


Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away and I am once again offering a floral design class on zoom. All proceeds in support of the children of Gashora/Rwanda.

Spend a fun evening with your mom and create this lovely floral arrangement, or just make it for yourself to enjoy.

All supplies will be provided.

Friday May  7th, 7-8-30 pm
Cost: $ 45.00




APRIL 24TH, 2021,10 AM – 4 PM

Come out for a fun day and support your local Artists, while helping THE FRIENDS OF GASHORA to raise funds for the vulnerable children of Gashora. All social distancing rules apply, hand sanitizers and tracking sheets are available. Please wear your mask.


MAP SITE #1 - 2228-2238 Harlow Drive

Rwanda Baskets - Gabriele Matheson

Rwanda Baskets to Feed the Children of Gashora


Folk Manor - Heather and Melanie Barr

Vintage Housewares and Handcrafted Pieces


Zoe Schade - Handmade Dolls


Raisings Sons Herbals - Janna Gisler

Soaps Salves Creams

K-Star Designs - Kristin Godwin

Glass paintings


Stormy Russ

Handmade Jewellery and paintings

MAP SITE #2 - 2047 Newton Street

Epicure - Trisha Sturgeon

Epicure Seasonings

Perido Tulips Greeting Cards - Joanie McCorry

Cards and paper castings

Leanne Edington Studio

Photography and Driftwood Art

MAP SITE #3 - 1587 Hampshire Road

Photography and Art

Katrina Lorne

Kraft Kat - Katrina Lorne

Baby and Kid Toys from new and Upcycled Materials

MAP SITE #4 - 2143 Granite Street

Alice Van Blokland's Art

Acrylic Paintings on Canvas

MAP SITE #5 - 2141 Beach Drive

Acrylic Watercolor Art

Margaret Case


Poshy Paw - Belinda Jickling

Dog Walk Bags

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